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Vacation Island is a short reverse-horror game, with a tiny open world to explore and dark secrets to uncover.  Takes around 10 minutes to complete. 

Made in 14 days for the 2022 Spring 32bits Jam.

FEATURES : A cute OST,  Time-Travel, Adorable Animals, Humans, Light platforming gameplay

Post Jam Update 2 contains :

- Audio Crashing Fix

- Characters with noses

- Smoother collisions

- Full Gamepad support 

- New cover

Textures by https://www.instagram.com/bluemintmilk/ 

Please report if you spot any bug :)

Controls :

MoveW-A-S-DLeft Stick
CameraMouseRight Stick
RunHold ShiftHold Right Trigger
JumpSpaceButton Y
CharmHold Left ClickHold Left Trigger


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Vacation Island - PostJam Update 2.zip 43 MB


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this was weird but i likled the tune in the game 

Super nice game!
I always felt this unsettling side of Animal Crossing was my favorite part.


LOL this game. I loved the atmosphere and style. Reminds me of the first animal crossing game LOL But the ambiguity completes it. Fun game! Here is my Island Tour: 

This game was actually really fun to play and I really like the old PlayStation style. 10/10 


Dude animal crossing got an update! cant wait to check it ou- nevermind.


Unique game i wish i got around to playing animal crossing. I will add it to the list. But i enjoyed how off it made me feel 


This game was really cool. The unsettling vibe and music made me think something was gonna pop out. I love games like this.

wow love your game thank you :):):)


This made me deeply uncomfortable.


I loved the idea and the graphics of it. Very neato burrito. Would love to see you make more stuff! Thanks for the experience.


Thanks for your support, glad you liked it. Don't worry I'm already working on my next game, as it's a slightly bigger project I've planned a release around september.

Neato burrito lol thats a awesome saying.


I've always said there was something creepy about the old Animal Crossing. You turned it up to eleven! Very well done ^^

Yup, I feel the same about old animal crossings (up to Wild World), might be due to the isolated villages and the passive agressive villagers. Theses games starts up as your typical horror movie with a person going in a remote place with no possibilities to go back ahah. Thanks !


cool game! you may want to add a kill zone underneath, as it's pretty easy to fall beneath the map by running against a sloped wall


Thanks a lot ! Nice catch for the kill zone, I'll definetly add one in a post-jam update with other small fixes/polish additions :)


made a lot of friends!


That was the point, friends for eternity eheh


Amazing N64 feeling in this game. Great work! 


Hello! Thank you for sharing this game with us! Great job here, it was fun, relaxing and nostalgic!  Here is my gameplay!

Watched this and this was the most wholesome gameplay I've seen. Game looks fun, I'll try it myself!


This is good! Nice job!


nice prototype retro and lost backrooms ..fuuuuu