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This is an experiment on translating feelings that I had when I was a child taking the subway train, in Paris's suburbs, where I grew up.

(this is more a proof of concept/prototype than a finished game, enjoy)

This experience leans more towards an eerie/strange atmosphere but nothing too agressive.

It was made in few days for the LSDJAM 2021, celebrating the birthday of PS1 cult classic LSD Dream Emulator.

A session can last as long as you do not get bored, the game features some hidden stuff.

The game is best played with headphones, in the dark.

Controls :

WASD = Move

Mouse Wheel Up or Down = Speed UP/DOWN the train

E = interact

Credits :

Game by xena-sprectrale, additionnal pictures and cover Painting by BlueMintMilk.


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SDDE_build 0.94.zip 94 MB


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I love the eerie atmosphere!


Oh, Thanks a lot ! Glad you liked this little atmospheric experience :) 


This was certainly interesting and atmospheric. 

The way that you get sucked back when the train goes at high speeds reminds me of the subway scene in Highlander 2.

Changing the speed is kinda finicky with the first time I raised the speed it went instantly to warp speed while other times it seemed more realistic and incremental.

Touching the little orbs when going at high speed also seems to be hit and miss, as if the game was having a hard time keeping track of their hitboxes.

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so cool scary

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This was a really cool and eerie experience where the player gets to experience a lonely train ride on his own. I loved the eerie atmosphere created through the use of PSX and pictures at the respective train stations. Even though there wasn't much happening, I could feel stressed due to the various imagery used throughout the game and the fear of something horrifying may suddenly happen on the train. The pictures on the walls seem to tell a story and I really enjoyed the game overall.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Hey ! Thank you for taking the time to play the game and review it. See you around :)