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Sanctuarium Online was a social asynchronous MMO published in 2005 on the Nintendo DS, sold few copies and sunk into the abyss of memory. 

You played as a godlike being in charge of keeping a town alive. The simple fact of being active in Sanctuarium Servers was sufficient to keep the world in a peaceful state. 
However, everybody left the game at some point.
Now in 2022, you have access to a special edit containing the last server up and running.

Features :

- A small world to explore, and 10 Divinities to collect, each giving you more powers. 

- Light Platforming elements

- 1st person Gameplay and 3rd person Gameplay on the fly

- Complete Gamepad Support (recommended for a better experience)

Controls : 

D-pad / Stick = move

L/R = move camera left and right

B = interact

A = Run

X = jump

Y = hit (you'll need to find the upgrade)

Select = switch views

Start = menu

Takes around 15 minutes to complete.

Made in 15 days for the #dyingmmojam


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SanctuariumOnline.zip 37 MB


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It was a fun platformer game with interesting visuals.

For some reason when I use my ps4 controller the game thinks I'm pressing all these buttons at the same time when I'm not and I don't know how to fix it

an absolute masterpiece goddam

is this actually a ds homebrew?!


this game is rlly rlly cool! Love the haunted vibes, the atmosphere of a place that used to be populated being so barren is rlly effective, and I also love that there wasn't an attempt to sand down the broken gameyness a game like this would have to add to the atmosphere, I think it works perfectly with both the silly-looking powers and the creepy vibes! Great job


You nailed the amosphere here, I couldn't help but think wonder how each building was used and about the players that would cherish this MMO, super cool!


Really cool game. I think the camera switching mechanic is brilliant, it was a lot of fun to switch between exploring buildings carefully and running around the overworld. Flying up the steep-slope walls was a neat and unexpected twist. And the sound design/atmosphere did a great job recreating something from the DS era. I enjoyed looking at all the vistas of buildings and faraway areas and figuring out how to reach them.


Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on the game :)  New DS-like games are on their ways too eheh


Very good game. Really enjoyable. I made a video if someone is interested 

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xLainik: This game was quite the experience haha. Love the DS aesthetic and the whole mystery behind it all. Great game.



Thanks for playing ! To answer the question that you left in the ratings : yup it is possible to finish the game without collecting most of the statues, but some are needed to unlock the ending and access the final zone.


I really liked the atmosfere! Super cool game

(2 edits) (+2)

loooove this, very cool! incredible architecture and world design


Still a masterpiece


thanks a lot <3


There is an alternate ending if you find all 70 kings tears.


Can you tell me about it? I just finished the game but I don't want to do it over to go collecting


Unfortenately there are no alternate ending, maybe Daemonikle took the original ending for an alternate one hah

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Oh, okay. Thanks for telling me. Game was still cool tho, thanks for making it


I'm sure if you keep looking you will find it 😉😈


Atmosphere of this game is awesome, super wierd game but enjoyed. ->

Wow, you managed to complete the game without using the First Person view once aha, well done ! For info pressing Select (on your pad) or TAB you could switch views :) 


good gam


The DS UI is a fantastic addition! I love everything about this. It really feels like something that could have existed in the DS era.


This is so cool!!!!!!!!! I love this so much omg


This is a cool experience! Played on an Xbox controller, so the on-screen button icons helped a lot in addition to just looking cool. I really liked being able to switch views on demand too, it felt like a DS feature Nintendo would've played up at the time.

This place felt very desolate and truly abandoned, so feel like I may have done the right thing in the end by [REDACTED]


Thanks for taking the time to play it ! I think you've done the right thing, there are some stuff that must stop at some points. (glad you enjoyed to visibles DS buttons because until the end I hesitated to include them, but in the end I went all way into the DS fetish aha)


This is amazing, thank you so much

wow thanks :)


First time I've seen someone make an indie game inspired by DS games, and hey... it turned out amazing. There were few moments when I thought I was playing on an emulator. For more games like this. Congratulations on your game.

Glad you enjoyed it 5mg, and thanks for the video :)


The DS vibe is so cool!

Thanks Niandra!


Heads up, you should mark your uploaded build as For Windows on itch so people can play the game in the itch client.

thanks, I completely forgot that on launch !