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Essence//Structure is an entry to the HauntedPS1 Summer of Shivers GameJam.

Here you'll be thrown into a place named the Structure as an unknown Entity. You are free to roam around and collect Essence, a ressource that you'll need to fly around and move with great agility and speed.  Learn more about the Structure by searching memories of the place, and get one of the two endings possibles.

The game controls like a light 3D platformer, and is optimized for gamepad support. 

Code, Visuals, Sounds by me. English text correction by Clément Grouzard. Font used by TypodermicsFonts.

Controls :
MoveLeft StickW-A-S-D
CameraRight StickMouse
Jump (press twice for Double Jump)A or B"Space" Key
Power Jump (just after landing a Dive)A or B "Space" Key
RunHold L2Hold "Shift" Key
Glide (you need enough Essence)Hold R1Hold "Right Mouse" Button
DashX"Left Mouse" Button
Power Dash (you need enough Essence)L2 + X"Shift"  + "Left Mouse" Button
Dive (you must be in air)Y"E" Key
PauseStart"Tab" Key
Go To Last CheckpointSelect"G" Key

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags3D Platformer, Atmospheric, Dark, Exploration, Low-poly, Retro, Sci-fi, underwater


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Excellent game! I love collect-a-thons. Congratulations on your game.

Thanks for playing and sharing !

To reiterate what others have been saying, the movement is completely solid. The fluidity of jumping around the structure is heaps of fun.

Unfortunately I had a bit of an issue that my wired 360 controller didn't seem to work, so I needed to use mouse and keyboard. It worked nicely, but at some point the cursor became unlocked and visible, making the mouse behave a bit erratically.

These issues aside, I am very impressed with the polish displayed in the gameplay here, great work!

Thank you for sharing your experience and for the nice words ! That's a weird issue that you had with your controller. If I can trackdown this issue with the 360 controller I will publish an update correcting this and I'm definetly going to correct that awful cursor problem. I'm happy to see that you still enjoyed your time around. 

Definitely and the moment either the mouse or the 360 controller issue is sorted, i'll give it another proper try!

Just published an update that corrected both of the your issues (according to my test and modifications).

This week I will play another batch of this summers Jam, I will surely play yours and give you my thoughts !

Thank you! And nice work getting a fix in so quickly! I'll try your game out again tomorrow!

Absolutely loved this game!

From a gameplay point of view, the movement mechanics are fantastic! Tight, controllable, fun to play with, very satisfying to use!

The sounds and music (I'll call it music even though it only comes through briefly) are also great and add to the ethereal atmosphere.

And obviously nailed the aesthetics too - beautiful game with striking visuals.

thank you, i'm glad you found it enjoyable !

This is a great platformer with a distinctive design approach, and it plays really well! I posted a review on the jam submission page, and made a playthrough video below: 

Thanks ! I replied to you. A quick note for your vid, that's the wrong link in the video descrition :(

Whoops! Sorry about that. All fixed :)

Am I meant to be able to activate those green wires somehow? There's a lot of areas it doesn't look like I'm able to get to without them.

(1 edit)

The green wires indicates you zones that you can acces throught jumps/glide/super jumps/double jumps/climb or all of these combined.  But you'll need to find green Essence to fill up your ability jauge.

Oh, I see. It's just an indicator of distance, then. Thanks for clarifying, I might be able to do it now.