A downloadable Forbidden DS game for Windows

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You just woke up in the midst of a blazing furnace at the fire station... 

Will you be able to stand strong against the burning reality ?


made for the Haunted PS1 halloween jam 2022 in around 10 days

Tips : If you don't want to bother clicking on the face with the mouse when using a gamepad : put the Stylus tip on the face (bottom screen face) and when you want to tap press the "Button South" (Button A on microsoft's pad, Button X on sony's, Button B on nintendo's --')

Controls (Better with a gamepad) :

Move (tank-controls)Key W-A-S-D Left Stick/D-Pad
Stylus Movement + PressMouse + Left clickMouse needed
Run Hold ShiftButton EAST
InteractKey E Button WEST
ShootTarget + ETarget + Button WEST


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Brasier_Xena_Spectrale.zip 37 MB


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Ayo, I didn't know what was goin' on but I fucking loved this.


No-commentary playthrough:

What an awesome quickie of a game! You totally nailed the DS controls in a way that makes it feel immediately intuitive. I'd love to see this concept expanded upon and turned into a longer experience. Great job!
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I love everything about this. There’s a mismatch of elements here that makes it all the more cryptic: The surreal intro about dreams. The fleshy face (mask?). The same place, seen through three perspectives at once! And what’s up with the floating demon head?? I also really like how you’ve incorporated the DS with the stylus. Very good work! ^^