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A short game made in 4 days for the DreadXP Found Footage Game Jam.

On that cold and early morning of 2003, you stumble upon a lost mobile phone... Piece together elements of that tragic night in this short horror experience. 

Takes around 2 to 5 minutes to complete. 

Best played on a 16/9 resolution.

Controls : 

WASD = Move

Mouse = Look

Credits : 

Game, Textures, Models and Music by Xena Spectrale 

Ear 3D model by patrickArt90 on ArtStation

Get the soundtrack here : 


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BlutClub 1.0.zip 141 MB


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I seem to not be able to play the gamee nothing's showing on the cellphone's screen someone help :(

My girlfriend gave this a try-- she wants to know the full story!

Really liked this!! Having to focus in on the tiny screen while hearing noises, flicking my gaze to the side constantly, it was really tense! Also took me a second playthrough to realize the club was spraying out blood rain, which was a great wtf moment.

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Comments below clip;

When I heard the music, I was sold right away. I did dive ito the game, only to dive out ofit again, pretty quickly. I don't know what went wrong, but I glitched out of thsi game in no time.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable ride .

P.S.  It was way after I played this game that I realized 'Blut' in German means 'Blood' in English in that fits on very well with this game, so very nice wordplay :o]

Very Unique game! I really enjoyed it! Wish it had more to do  though.  Your game is the last and starts at 18:23 

What a unique experience! The flashing lights were a bit much for me after a while, but I appreciate the pink line to guide the player!


Clever game! would love to see more of this

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This was really cool! I love the duality of having things happen in the "outside world" while controlling the character on the phone. Made for a couple of spooky moments and a whole bunch of mystery! Great work! (Third game in the video)
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89/100 GOOD


Fun and short. Normally shorter games dont amaze me, but as of lately, the last 5 ones are amazing, including this one! I loved how the game played! 


This is a very interesting experience and I really enjoyed it. I only wish it was a bit longer. But overall, it was a unique experience. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


I love your willingness to just obliterate conventions to make something cool and fresh. The stereo audio approach works well, and the cell phone's sound design is on point. Definitely appreciated the glowing pink line's help navigating BLUTCLUB, too.


Thanks a lot, i'm glad you digged this small game. I'll be scanning through the entries of the jam really soon and yours seems dope, can't wait!


As always, Spectrale bringing us another differentiated experience. Congratulations on your game.

Thanks you for being here on each release ! Means a lot !


Part of the screen is cut off for me

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That's strange, what resolution is your screen running on ? you might have to run the game in max resolution 1920*1080. That's the resolution it was optimized for due to time contraints :)

Edit : I fixed the issue, can you tell me if if runs correctly now please ?

My screen is 2560*1440. The update fixed it, thanks :)


Impressive, unique and intuitive!
I did play other games from this jam and I loved yours the most, because of the unique look and environment. The unsetteling sound design, the mysterious phone and that ear on the left side corner of the screen - great blend of horror. Amazing job on this one. Hope you enjoy the video: 

Thanks a lot for the feedback and glad that you enjoyed that small experience :) 

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so strange look monitor from cell alwasy pink ..dont look video in cell..

You mean you get a pink screen on the phone screen ? If so try restarting the game or your computer. I've tested it on different setup and I didn't get this bug. 

If anyone reading this get the same bug, up this post so I can see the ratio :) 

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